Mamon is a Filipino chiffon cake. Its name is derived from the Mexican-Spanish term for “sponge cake.” We often talk about the Spanish influence on Filipino food, but did you know that Filipinos possibly influenced Spanish and Mexican cuisine because of the Manila Galleon Trade Route? The Embassy of Mexico in the Philippines recently did a lecture called “The Aromas and Flavors of the Manila-Acupulco Galleon Route” where you can learn more.

To make mamon, you must whip the egg whites into a meringue and gently fold in the other ingredients. It’s a technically challenging bake but one worth learning, especially if you ever want to be on Great British Bake Off. Learning to properly whip the meringue for mamon also translates into making the mango italian buttercream that I love to top my mamon cupcakes with! As pictured, I core the center and fill it with mango curd, topping it all off with buttercream rosettes. Traditionally, the cake is often served plain or with butter and sugar toppings.

Mamon – Goldilocks USA


Pan Brush

  • 4 tbsp Salted Butter, room temperature salted ½ Cup

Egg yolk mixture

  • 2 tbsp Salted Butter
  • 115 grams Cake Flour (1 cup)
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Powder
  • 66 grams Granulated sugar (1/3 cup)
  • 6 Egg Yolks from Large eggs

Egg white mixture

  • 6 Egg Whites from large eggs Room temperature
  • 1/4 TSP Cream of Tartar
  • 100 grams Granulated sugar (1/2 cup)

Toppings (optional

  • Butter, creamed unsalted as desired
  • Cheese, grated cheddar, edam
  • Granulated sugar
  • Mango curd
  • Mango buttercream


  • Preheat oven to 325°F.
  • Place softened salted butter in a mixing bowl with paddle attachment. Set to medium speed and cream the butter for approximately 5 minutes until it turns light yellow in color.
  • Generously brush 14 mamon molders with the creamed butter, making sure the ridges of each molder are fully coated to prevent the mammon from sticking to the molders.
  • Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Set aside to cool.
  • Combine the cake flour, baking powder and sugar in a bowl. Sift 3 times then set aside.
  • Pour egg yolks, water and melted butter in a mixing bowl with paddle attachment. Mix at low speed for 1 minute to blend ingredients.
  • With the mixer, still running, gradually add the sifted dry ingredients (cake flour, baking powder and sugar) and continue mixing for 3 minutes until all ingredients are blended. Scrape the bottom and sides of bowl. Set aside.
  • Combine egg whites and cream of tartar in another mixing bowl with wire whip attachment. Beat under high speed until the egg whites double in volume.
  • While maintaining high speed, gradually add ½ cup sugar in a steady stream.
  • Continue beating until medium peaks are achieved in the process.
  • Reset the mixer to low speed and run for a few seconds to eliminate large air holes in the meringue.
  • Manually fold-in the egg yolk side into the meringue through the cut-and-fold method. Folding-in should be done swiftly but gently to prevent the meringue from collapsing.
  • Once batter is evenly mixed, divide the batter equally on the prepared mamon molders.
  • Bake mamon in the center of the oven for 15 to 18 minutes.
  • Once baked, remove from the molders immediately and set on wire rack to cool.
  • Brush with butter then sprinkle top with grated cheese and sugar (optional).


For the egg white mixture/meringue: wipe down all of your equipment with lemon juice and make sure each item is completely dry. Any drop of oil will prevent your egg whites from whipping properly.
On my personal twist to mamon, I core the center and fill it with mango curd. Then, I top if off with a mango italian buttercream to form the cutest cupcakes. 

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